by The Weight

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Sold Out.
250 self-released on CD in plastic sleeves with liner notes.


released May 30, 2009

Vocals - Ben Juett
Guitar - Michael Farrell
Bass - James Roden
Drums - Nathan Steer

Recorded & Mixed by Kyle Bloksgaard



all rights reserved


The Weight Adelaide, Australia

Metal / Hardcore band from Adelaide SA forming in 2009.

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Track Name: Intro
The weight bares down on me, on you.
Track Name: Speaking In Absolutes
Annihilation. Desolation. Hope fades out fast. Young ones die first. Blood lust. Sleep tight. Nightmare. Their hands reaching back. Survival stopped dead in its tracks. They won't forgive you. They will deplore you. Survived a thousand years. We feel nothing but fear. Suffice to say this: I solemnly pledge this: This world is dead to me. I swear there's nothing there. Left for me. This life is pain. What right god gives me. To be a doer in the eye of authority. Your dreams live on with you. Mine die right here.
Track Name: The Art Of Self Destruction
Make this addiction poisoned well. Lead me not into a final farewell. Grotesque wide eyes christen me. Force my hand instinctively. Silent footsteps treading air. Track this stale soul dead and bare. Calculated risks in secrecy. Justified insanity. Burn an effigy of me and gather round. Pass on affliction. And make no sound. Kill my brain cells instantly. Sound a death knell of uncertainty. Self induced leprosy. Burns this scar intolerably. I am the reaper. Voice of contention. Self degradation. Eradication. This separation rips right through. The scent of ascension becomes you. I am the ghost of christmas past. Bloody and violent, higher than god. I profess this loveless heart to you. This is the last time I'll see your face.
Track Name: Mistakes No More
This voice and your life. A reminder why you're alive. Take one clear view look. Trudge past all the shit. I can guide your hand from things that won't submit. I feel as you do. A life revived. In comes the hardship. Let's satisfy. Tension on your mind. Disappointment all the time. I feel as you do. A life revived. In comes the hardship. Don't give up on me.
Track Name: Get In, Get Out, Get Even
What have you done for me. Played a game of hide and seek. Now here's your chance at face to face. Realise it's not too late. You're not me. Not the same. You speak out when you should refrain. Swollen. Two faced. Swollen. Swollen heads. Cut the ties that you and me hold. Its out of your reach sit back and do what you're told. You don't have a point to make. I see you walking by and it's a shame to say that I breath the same air as you. Forced to hold. According to. No facts to back the claims that you make. Now they know your fake heart is at stake. A shame to see. Had to lie to me. A shame to see. Just don't lie to me. So now you're choking on the words that you just ate. You talk around the room like you rule the roost and it's a shame to see. True friends are hard to find. True friends don't stab each other in the back. Swollen. Two faced. Swollen. Swollen heads die.
Track Name: Suffer My Perfection
Running from the shit that they're pushing in my head. I tried to change
this world. I won't change instead. Fighting with myself and it's me against the wall. Getting what we want. Isn't what we need. Sucked in all of the blind ones including the frail. TV screen. Magazine. Drenched from head to tail. And every smile on every single page. Assimilate. Waste away. A dog without his day. Feeding ghouls spreads atrophy. Spreads like a cancer. Everlasting pain. Adopt a selfish view and see where it gets you. I have never felt so used. Suppose I ate what's fed. Well fuck me until the end of time. Lets say I lost my head. Am I this drained? We don't know redemption. I see an early grave. Fixed smiles they look my way. Haven't much to say.
Track Name: Psychopaths Theorem
You say all the time, “protection from above”. You say all the time “Protection, Protection”. Insist in god then steal his name. A wall that sits a shattered frame. Loyal to a weathered flame. The tallest peaks. Self destruction. Misguided. Lost. Misinterpret, fingers crossed. Try to salvage what was lost. At what cost? Who's the face behind the mask. Cashing in on a vagrants past. Disagree instead of last. Who to trust? Don't dare disagree. I've come. This far, Through deserts, through storms. I gave my life to a holy cause. What things in me they look right through. Give me one reason to stay my tongue. A belief in my heart is rotting on the inside. Blind faith. Long shots. There's no free thought.
Track Name: The Vessel
Let me out. Of all the things that I would try. This, by far the worst, with all my might. You watch as I trade fire with I. To relive this measure is a version of “why?”. What scars I have are the ones that sting. Collapse my lungs in a puddle of fear. Put price on dreams that wouldn't lie. Consumed by chance. From mistakes, revived. Let me out. I held my hand over a flame to see if I could still feel pain. It's in my nature to destroy myself and I drown alone. In these waters I will bleed. Will the
tsunami swallow me? I hear the waves above, calling bareness. Will I be alive? Will I drift away? Will I survive? Have I seen the end? Swim against the current to be free. With this I fight. Wish I could say these waves were home. Guide me on my way. I won't end this. At last I dreamt this. Can't swallow me whole. I wont purge my soul. Believe this statement. My attonement is in my soul. Regain control. I found a reason to live. I know I can climb a mountain on my own.