Prisoners Of The Flock

by The Weight

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Released by Clarity Records on:
100 coloured vinyl (sold out)
200 black vinyl
500 CDs
All with pull-out artwork and liner notes.

Available at the Clarity Records Web-store.


released November 9, 2012

Vocals - Ben Juett
Guitar - Nick Yap
Guitar - Michael Farrell
Bass - Marcel Cuthbertson
Drums - James Roden

Recorded & Mixed by Jimmy Balderston @ Capital Sound
Mastered by Bill Henderson @ Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


The Weight Adelaide, Australia

Metal / Hardcore band from Adelaide SA forming in 2009.

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Track Name: Born From The Spear
The lucky few are buried quick
Screaming in braille, and echo turned thick
A holy man, A gun in hand
Whatever they want the blood
Will still soak the sand
Swift feet now upon burning ground
Bury your head and swallow your heart
Able, willing, armed
Oh my god, what the fuck have you done?
Take hands of ones that make a fist
And voters that you fear
Desperate to heel
Your silent obedient consent
Still flooding the keel
I’m closing my eyes in the hope that the torment and anguish it all goes away
The centuries that swallowed the victims in time are written out of books on display
How much more is there that we can take?
And how much more should we give?
Track Name: Fundamentalist
Fast the names to tragedy
Disillusion scattering
Let your survival
Be their memorial
I foresee a weakness in all of you
The fact you hunt in packs
Without a clue
Snatch another narrow, minded, victim
With a sleight of hand
And come and get me, unrelenting
So burn the faithless and praise the rest
Cut and clean out
With all that I’ve witnessed
Would you be happy with me as me?
Would you care if I ceased to breathe?
I know I’m not meant for this world
I know I’m not meant to say this but
Would it be better if I just fucking died?
Just die…die...die
These scars of mine
They long to bleed
This is all that I can fucking handle
And leave me out of the bullshit scandals
Teach what you’ve been taught
Read it one more time
Certain to collapse
Track Name: Impervious To Influence
Give me back one inch of self-respect
I represent the nature of thriving discontent
Is this reflection in absolution with teething intuition?
“I’ll stop at nothing to get what’s mine”
Involving, infecting, all for one
No knowledge of what is ensuing
And one look, could mean your undoing
The mobs and martyrs
Short lives of the fastest
The ones
You would hope die
Are put there to learn from
Intentions they hide
Pattern of error
The failure to act
Set this man on fire
This man on fire
They lend themselves to re-abuseBring the rain
Bring the rain
And stop me if you dare
Take it with a caution
As a man on fire
A path of despair
How much should I care?
This weight is too much to bare
I don’t think much of past or future
This is now
Track Name: Repeat Offender
For all of the hope left
I see no more
Keep your hands away from me
I’m nothing like you
Headfirst off a cliffs edge
Which one will be next?
Straightedge warriors that fade in time
And heroes and harlots stay out of mind
Homophobes and ghetto-thugs we see right through
Slowly breaking the shoulders of all of you
Am I shaking your attention span?
I see a weak man, and you're scared man
For trying to be just like the rest of them
Lending all resentment
Am I shaking your attention span?
I see a weak man, and you're scared man
For trying to be just like the rest of them
Lend me all resentment
Track Name: Colour Blind Realist
Call to mind all measure of man
Call to mind where all began
With desperate thirst and a luckless curse
Facing the volley now which one comes first?
The glamour is dead it divides us all
Bad dreams in flight tonight
Reader beware: inlaid cold dead stare
Cynics calling “tread with care”
And as we live for
These moments we die for
The rope holding our indulgence equals this:
It will all begin to fray
Rip the flesh, take the life
Kill it once, kill it twice
We lose these days on searching
How an hour should be spent
And the fading memories we own
Aren’t worth the seeds we wished sewn
No conscience left to betray
Guess I live to die another day
And ten out of ten people have you say
Live today, think tomorrow
Well, here I go, full head on collision
Mad man at the wheel, embracing tradition
Your turn to make amends at this
Justify your actions to make way for countless more falls
Colour all your twisted words
Colour all your twisted words
Colour all your twisted words
Ones that do no good
Desperate internal
Nature so pure
Desperate internal
Incessant laugh at the ready
I don’t feel like the limits have gained the respect due
Its only the start
When will they learn?
The sky is on fire
This land is a curse
Mourning the sun
Nothing to betray
This is Valhalla
And we are the slain
A piss in the wind
A drop in the ocean
Have we all got
Much more than we bargained?
With all this hate
What have we gained
The stories of hardship
The meek unattained
What a glorious sight
It’s a glorious sight
What a glorious night
It’s but a glorious night
There’s nothing left here in his eyes
The torment is fading away
The life he knew turned to destruction
Torment is fading away
Track Name: A Mortal Thought
All my efforts pinned
I see no way at all to win
Resurrecting dead end paths
Somewhere deep inside
The hurting stops
When I start to think
And the moments dwelled on
Drowned by drink
Pacing back and forth
I thought too much of what they think
Let the knowledge fall
The learned ones have yet to crawl
Let the knowledge fall
Locked away my mind
The vault with hinges rusted shut
I’m giving it all away at once
But it’s coming back
I thought I’d die with all that hate in my veins
Cultivate aggression in your heart
All that you will find is nothing but anger
Forge submission in your mind
All that you will feel is sadness and heartache
Form follows function
I wasn’t built to yield to confliction
The rotting depths I have now surpassed it
Fear is nothing if refused to consume it
This time
We rewind
Gives way to an unfettered mind
We waste too much borrowed time
Don’t compare
The cancer kills it's host and separates, then throws to the starved
A clenched fist is as silent as a slit wrist
Track Name: Blunt Force Head Trauma
I’m at my knees with this
A chasm descends below
And this catharsis runs through flood gates
Out of estuaries course: unknown
Never nights and things unseen
Smoke holes in flames of kerosene
My name is: “watch me turn and bite”
And burn this nature obscene
Head so high like everyone owes you
Rope gagging for your fucking neck
It's right before your gouged out eyes
Be silent in peril and mind your step
This is right before you
It took a while to see
I play the role of the victim
Full of hate when I was sixteen
This is right before you
It was all I could see
I play the role of the victim
Full of hate when I was sixteen
And you were nowhere to be seen
Nowhere at all
Always at your side
When the cannibals made their cannon call
When I turned you were gone
When I turned you were gone
When I turned you were gone
Well, I fucking remember
Let it be known. Every mouth talks
Let them know it’s you I abhor
And I sit and wonder: I still hate you
Track Name: Prisoners Of The Flock
Fall asleep and fall short
It won’t be long now
I'll latch the door on us
Unexpected guests to us
Prisoners of the flock
Would assimilate with ease
Here they come to collect their living
This shot’s from me to you
Here they come to collect their living
This shot’s from me to you
So I better aim high and true
And they’re fucking coming for you too
Tear the flesh, tear it clean and good
Better save the heart you want as food
Hope everyone’s rotting/ doing well
I won’t go back to this living hell
The gnashing of teeth
Was such a familiar sight
Done living out those days
Those days lived were fucking dire
Move back
Whatever makes for lost time
An offer, this; a broken mind
Whatever makes for lost time
An offer, this; a broken mind
Don’t you fucking back away
Don’t shy from harm
Because the more you do the less you become
The defeated are farmed
It’s too fucking bad
Now witness what we had fall apart
Track Name: Predicatory Process
They had us talking: graves, shovels
The story that guides to what end
The meaning eludes
The message is crude
And we're bored of the same old “fuck me” chants again
This is the end of the line for the aimless
A step to the edge your logic is worthless
Towing the line, disrespecting the head
Not stopping 'till even the hangman is dead
Aftershave, Crew-cuts, Van-kids and Mosh-tricks
Fleshies, Face-tatts, fashion guru Fuck-wits
A man of your word when it takes a whole year
To finish a sentence. Nothing here.
Don’t these heads look great on silver-plates?
Are you getting the picture yet?
Who is to blame here?
I'll first blame myself then on to the messenger
Paying the price, life check, balance
Don’t these heads look great on silver-plates?
Are you getting the picture?
Who is to blame here?
I'll first blame myself, then you can count me out
I'll threaten your very existence
We out last
We don’t forgive
We don’t forget
I’m your worst nightmare
Track Name: Hunter/Gatherer
Back when every day was like winter
And I was silent and still until the heart had froze
The very air I breathed was a common concern
For health I dealt with times that saw most stir
Not so long ago I was like you
Lift the veil for a chance to see
My mind is gone so take what’s left of me
Courting ghosts like transparency
An empty glance eluding you and me
Not so long ago I was like you
All this time with inability to cope
With all buried dreams and a harboured hope
I don’t think that there is much to gain
Naming things, I know, should not be named
Close this heart and cut out my tongue
Because love isn’t love if you don’t hurt someone
I don’t think there is much to gain
Naming things that should not be named
There’s nothing left to concern yourself with
When it comes on like a loaded gun
The answer
It you calls you in
In nature
And haemorrhage
At the sight
And call me anything
Anything but normal
To never be alone